What is Agriclimate?

Agriclimate is an initiative launched by Quebec farmers with the aim of better understanding the impacts of climate change on agriculture and finding the best ways to prepare for it.

Agriclimate Workshops

Are you a farmer and climate change challenging you? At Agriclimate workshops, the climate of your region by 2050 and the consequences for agriculture in your area will be presented. You will be asked to comment on how to adapt to these climate changes in your community. Register for one of this fall’s workshops in your area.

The Approach

Agriclimate utilizes a participatory approach in which farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector develop an awareness of climate change, pinpoint its impacts on the different production types, and identify measures specific to their regions to adapt to it.

The Regions

The participating regions cover most of the farmland in the province. Both farmers and other sector stakeholders participate in regional activities.

Webinar #3 (French only)

Webinar #4 (French only)

Webinar #5 (French only)

Webinar #6 (French only)

The project has been made possible through financing from the Green Fund in conjunction with Québec Climate Action, a program of the Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change stemming from the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan.

Our Partners

Sarah Delisle, agr.
Climate Change Project Coordinator
450 679-0540, ext 8754